VIDEO: Caution, the Doors are Opening!

By Anastasia Zhuravleva

Anastasiia Zhuravleva was born in 1976 in Obninsk, Kaluga Province. As a child she studied ballet, music, dance, drawing, rhythmic gymnastics, and needlework. She graduated from Dubravushka, a Humanities Lycee in 1994 and enrolled in the Department of History and Philology at the Russian State Humanities University (RGGU), where she majored in Jewish Studies. She received her degree in 1999, defending her thesis "An Analysis of the Formation of Ethnic Identity Amongst Ancient Jews on the Basis of the Tanakh," for which she also received a certificate from the New York Theological Seminary. That same year she ceased pursuing a second degree in the Institute of European Cultures at RGGU and enrolled in courses for artists-animators at the Rys' Studio. After the studio closed in 2000, she worked at the Moscow-Borisfen-Liutes Studio and the Christmas Studio as an inbetweener. In 2001 she worked as a journalist for the central Jewish website. She enrolled in the Animation Director sector of Shar School-Studio (affiliated with the Advanced Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors) in 2004. She completed her diploma film, Caution! The Doors Are Opening! in 2005 in the workshop of Fedor Khitruk and Aleksei Demin.


2005 Caution! The Doors Are Opening! (diploma film): Prize for Best Debut Film at the XI Open Russian Festival of Animation Films in Suzdal (2006) and First Prize for Animation at the XIII St. Anna Festival of Debut and Student Films (2006).

Caution! The Doors Are Opening! (Russia, 2005)
Stop-frame puppet animation, color, Betacam-SP, 5 minutes
A day in the life of a pocket metro. The film is dedicated to all the buttons lost in the metro.
Director, script, art-work: Anastasiia Zhuravleva
Cinematography: Valentin Sveshnikov
Composer: Vitalii Basilevskii
Sound: Sof'ia Trifonova
Animation: Tat'iana Molodova, Vladimir Kadukhin, Konstantin Romanenko, Anastasiia Zhuravleva
Producer: Sergei Mirzaev

Updated: 27 Mar 06