KinoKultura: Issue 56 (2017)

Polka [Shelf], Vol. 1 (1992)

By Valerii I. Fomin

polkaIn 1992 Valerii I. Fomin published the first of three editions of archival documents concerning shelved films. The first two volumes, published in 1992 and 1993, appeared with a very small print run, and not many libraries have managed to acquire copies for their collections.

In order to make the texts available more widely, Valerii Fomin has kindly and generously made available for KinoKultura the original manuscript, which appears here in pdf format following the original pagination.

Birgit Beumers


Title page

[Predislovie] Na plakhe sotzrealizma: 3-15
Skvernyi anekdot: 16-45
Komissar: 46-76
Istoriia Asi Kliachinoi...: 77-91
Dolgie provody: 92-109
Proverka na dorogakh: 110-132
Agoniia: 133-168
Bespredel (Vmesto zakliucheniia): 169-175




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