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Asif Rustamov (editor) was born in 1975 in Baku, Azerbaijan and studied at the Economic University and Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art. His filmography includes shorts like Sunset (2002), Labyrinth (2003), With the Back of Kybla (2009), and documentaries such as The Crossroad (2004), Time of Mercy (2006) and Sun City (2007). The short The House (2007) won numerous awards internationally. His feature debut was Down the River (2014), and he is co-writer of Ilgar Najaf’s Pomegranate Orchard (2017). He co-founded the Association of Young Filmmakers of Azerbaijan and is an editor of the Azeri film magazine "Fokus".


Aygun Aslanli is a film critic. She graduated with an M.A. from the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art. She has cooperated with various editions and web-portals, such as the newspaper “Kino+”, the analytical journal “Focus”, and Radio Liberty RFE/RL; she has written reviews and articles. With Sevda Sultanova and Aliya Dadashova she runs the blog threewithchesdiary.


Aliya Dadashova studied at Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art, Faculty of Theatre. She has worked with the local newspaper “Kino+”, “Kultura”, the film magazine “Focus”. At present she works as correspondent of the web site “” and blogs for threewithchesdiary with other colleagues.


Sevda Sultanova is a film critic. She graduated from The Academy of Public Administration Under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. She has been writing for the press since 1992. Her articles on cinema have been published in “Fokus” film magazine, “525-ci qəzet” newspaper and “Azadlıq” radio website. At present, she is one of the leading authors of the online cultural magazine “”.


Yusif Sheykhov is a film historian. He was born in 1951 and graduated from the directing faculty of Baku State Arts Institute. He worked at Azerbaijanfilm studio and a number of state film organizations. He wrote a number of scripts of feature, documentary and animation films, and is an Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


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