Issue 12: April 2006


Bauyrzhan Nogerbek: "The Eurasia-2005 Film Festival: Ambitions and Realities"

Vladimir Padunov: Storing and Restoring History: Gosfil'mofond and the 10th Belye Stolby Archival Film Festival

Thomas Campbell: Five Theses About Timur Bekmambetov's Day Watch

Russian TV-Serials: AAASS Roundtable 2005: "Russian TV: Past Issues of Present Concern"


Tony Anemone on Aleksei German Jr.'s Garpastum
Anindita Banerjee on Pavel Ruminov's Silent Man
Eva Binder on Aleksandr Strizhanov's 180 and Taller
Stephen Hutchings on Valerii Akhadov's Greenhouse Effect
David MacFadyen on Zul'fikar Musakov's Boys in the Sky 2
Natalya Rulyova on Elena Nikolaeva's Pops
Dawn Seckler on Fedor Bondarchuk's Company 9
Christina Stojanova on Oleg Stepchenko's Velvet Revolution
Denise Youngblood on Aleksei Karelin's A Time to Gather Stones


Anastasiia Zhuravleva: Caution, the Doors Are Opening!

...And we are happy to announce that KinoKultura received a Special Diploma from the Guild of Russian Film Scholars and Critics!!! Thank you all!

Updated: 31 Mar 06