Issue 16: April 2007


Jose Alaniz: Cinema without Barriers
Thomas Campbell: A Khakassian Sends a Postcard Home: The Strange Career of Evgenii “Debil” Kondrat'ev
David MacFadyen: Changing Notions of Realism in Primetime Russian TV Drama
Stephen Norris: In the Gloom: The Political Lives of Undead Bodies in Timur Bekmambetov's Night Watch

Film Reviews

Julie Christensen on Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth's Khadak
Greg Dolgopolov on Vsevolod Plotnikov's The Elevator
Lucy Fischer on Avdot'ia Smirnova's Relations
Jeremy Hicks on Iurii Kulakov's Prince Vladimir
Marcia Landy on Ekaterina Grokhovskaia's The Man of No Return
Susan Larsen on Valerii Rubinchik's Nanking Landscape
Gerald McCausland on Iurii Lebedev and Boris Frumin's Undercover
Alexander Prokhorov on Petr Tochilin's Khottabych
Christina Stojanova on Iurii Moroz's The Spot
Denise Youngblood on Mikhail Segal's Franz + Polina

TV Series: Reviews

Tony Anemone on Zinovii Roizman's The Last Armored Train

Central Asia: Reviews

Seth Graham on Daler Rakhmatov's and Gulandom Mukhabbatova's The
(Ovora) (Tajikistan)
Tom Welsford on Amanzhol Aituarov and Satybaldy Narymbetov's Steppe
Richard Taylor on Igor' Gonopol'skii's Sergei Eisenstein in Alma-Ata,

Video: Work and Hunger by Evgenii Kondrat'ev

Forum for April 2007 topics

The second issue of Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema has appeared in March 2007. Subscriptions fo individuals are £30 per year (3 issues). Contents: A. Prokhorov: The adolescent and the child in the cinema of the Thaw ... E. Zvonkine: The structure of the fairy tale in Muratova's Sentimental Policeman ... J. Szaniawski: Historic Space in Sokurov's trilogy. S. Norris: Guiding stars - the comet-like rise of the was film in Putin's Russia ... Hughes&Riley: The multimodal matrix. DOCUMENTS: Eisenstein's "The middle of the three", edited and translated by Richard Taylor.


Updated: 14 Apr 07