Issue 24: April 2009


Nikolai Izvolov: Designed Sound in the USSR
Jane Knox-Voina: New ‘New’ Wave Filmmakers Welcome Their Audiences’ Discomfort: Kazakh and Kyrgyz Youth Films
Gulnara Abikeeva: Central Asian Documentary Films of the Soviet Era as a Factor in the Formation of National Identity

Festival Report:
Gulbara Tolomushova: The Secret Sense of the Tashkent Messages

Film Reviews

Aleksei German Jr: Paper Soldier by Julian Graffy
Arkadi Iakhnis: The Horror Which is Always with You by Lars Kristensen
Filipp Iankovskii: Rock Head  by Dawn Seckler
Tigran Keosaian: Mirage by Elena Monastireva-Ansdell
Pavel Lungin: Lilac Branch by Tim Harte
Aleksandr Mel'nik: Terra Nova by Kevin M. F. Platt
Sergei Mokritskii: Four Ages of Love by Anthony Anemone
Sergei Ovcharov: The Garden by Stephen M. Norris
Andres Puustusmaa: The Red Pearl of Love by Sasha Razor
Katia Shagalova: Once upon a Time in the Provinces by Gerry McCausland
Vadim Shmelev: S.S.D. by Olga Mesropova
Peeter Simm: Georg by Marko Dumančić
Elena Suni: Veronika isn’t Coming by Emily Hillhouse
Aleksei Uchitel': The Captive by Joe Andrew
Marius Vaisberg: Hitler kaput! by Elena Prokhorova

Double View: Andrei Kravchuk's Admiral

Documentaries, Animation and Television Serials

Sergei Loznitsa: The Siege (doc) by Polina Barskova
Vladimir Pozner: One-Storey America (TV) by Alexander Prokhorov
Natal’ia Bondarchuk: The One Love of My Soul (TV) by Peter Rollberg
Georgii Gitis: The Adventures of Alenushka and Yerioma (animation) by Lora Mjolsness

Central Asian Cinema

Rustem Abdrashev: A Gift to Stalin (Kaz) by Jamie Miller


Trailer of Alisa’s Birthday by Sergei Seregin, Masterfilm

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