Issue 48: April 2015


Claire Knight: Stalin’s Trophy Films, 1947-52: A Resource

Special Feature: Regional Cinematographies
Caroline Damiens: Cinema in Sakha (Yakutia) Republic: Renegotiating Film History
Sergey Dobrynin: New Buryat Cinema: Developments So Far and Challenges for the Future

Festival Reports
Anastasia Kostina: ArtDocFest 2014: Politics, Rural Hardships and Youth

Frederick H. White: Memories of Aleksei Balabanov
Birgit Beumers: The First Kalmyk Film: Interview with the model and actress Eugenia Mandzhieva and the filmmaker Ella Manzheeva (The Gulls)


Double View: Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy: The Tribe (UKR), reviewed by

Ernest Abdyjaparov: Taxi & Telephone (KYR) by Andrei Rogatchevski:
Aleksei Fedorchenko: Angels of the Revolution by Fred Corney
Valeriia Gai-Germanika: Yes and Yes by Olga Mesropova
Stanislav Govorukhin: Weekend by Alexandar Mihailovic
Vera Kharybina: Ask Me by Dusty Wilmes
Andrei Konchalovskii: The Postman’s White Nights by Ellina Sattarova
Vladimir Kozlov: Traces in the Snow (doc) by Rita Safariants
Ella Manzheeva: The Gulls by Birgit Beumers
Ilmar Raag: I Won’t Come Back by Anna Batori
Vera Storozheva: Nine Days and One Morning by Lena Doubivko
Andrei Zviagintsev: Leviathan by Julian Graffy


Mikhail Segal: A Film about Alekseev by Lilya Nemchenko

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