About KinoKultura

Editorial Team

Mark Cosgrove is the Head of Programming at the Watershed Media Centre in Bristol and Artistic Director of Encounters Festival. Since the autumn of 2012 he has been KinoKultura's Honorary President.

Julian Graffy is Emeritus Professor of Russian Cinema at UCL and one of the most distinguished scholars in the field and offers constant support to KinoKultura.

Hazel Boxhall, who joined KiKu in August 2008, is the editor's assistant and manages the correspondence for the journal. Any queries should be directed to her at KinoKultura.

Birgit Beumers is Professor of Film Studies at Aberystwyth University, and lives in Bristol. She specialises on contemporary Russian and Central Asian cinema and on Russian/Soviet animation. She is the author of A History of Russian Cinema and the editor of the journal Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema.

The Co-Editors share the assessment and editing of articles and film reviews. At present they are:

Anthony Anemone is the Chair and Associate Provost of Foreign Languages at The New School University, New York, where he also teaches Russian literature and cinema.

Otto Boele is Senior University Lecturer at Universiteit Leiden with expertise on Contemporary Russian Literature and
Russian Cinema.

Vincent Bohlinger is Associate Professor and Director of Film Studies at Rhode Island College.

Seth Graham is a Senior Lecturer in Russian at the School of Slavonic and East European Languages, University College London. His research focus is on contemporary Russian culture, especially film, as well as Central Asian film, gender studies, and humour theory.

Jeremy Hicks is a Reader in Russian and Film Studies at Queen Mary University of London, where he teaches courses on Russian literature and cinema. His research focuses on issues of documentary film, and he has recently published First Films on the Holocaust: Soviet Cinema and the Genocide of the Jews 1938-1946 (2012) .

Stephen M. Norris is Professor of History and Director of Film Studies at Miami University (OH). He has published Blockbuster History in the New Russia (2012) and is researching the life of the Soviet cartoonist Boris Efimov.

Elena Prokhorova is Assistant Professor and Sasha Prokhorov is Associate Professor at the College of William and Mary. Both have extensively written on film.

Peter Rollberg is Professor of Slavic Languages, Film Studies, and International Affairs at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He has published on Russian and Soviet cinema, including Historical Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Cinema.

Greg Dolgopolov is Lecturer in Film at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia



KinoKultura was founded by Birgit Beumers in 2003 as a quarterly online journal, which is ISSN registered and hosted in the UK. In the summer 2003 Vladimir Padunov of the University of Pittsburgh joined as Deputy Editor and held this post until July 2008. In 2012 KinoKultura "moved" to the Watershed Media Centre in Bristol.

In November 2006 the KiKu-Forum was launched with support from Professor David Punter, Research Director for the Arts Faculty at the University of Bristol; it was moderated by Gerald McCausland from the University of Pittsburgh. In September 2008 Ulrike Hartmann from Bristol took over the forum management and moved it to LiveJournal, where it stayed until 2011. Since January 2011 Greg Dolgopolov manages KiKu on Facebook.

In 2006 KinoKultura was awarded a Diploma by the Guild of Russian Film Critics and Film Scholars.

Mail Address

KinoKultura, Mark Cosgrove, Watershed Media Centre, 1 Canon's Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5TX, UK. Email: KinoKultura


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