Issue 73: July 2021

Heleen Gerritsen: Retro-futurism and the feminine carnivalesque. The cinematic spaces of Uldus Bakhtiozina’s Tzarevna Scaling and Renata Litvinova’s The North Wind

Festival Reports
Maksim Kazyuchits: Optimism and Amnesia: Russian films at the 43rd Moscow IFF
Birgit Beumers: “From the Comfort of Your Room”: The Vilnius IFF 2021
Birgit Beumers: Crossing Borders, Crossing Europe in 2021

Issue 72: April 2021

Festival Report
Birgit Beumers: Far away on my sofa: The Russian Film Week USA, New York (23-29 January 2021)

Issue 71: January 2021

Yuri Shevchuk. Interview with Valentin Vasyanovych

Issue 70: October 2020

Krikor Beledian: Philosophically Paradjanov (translated by Laure Astourian)

Festival Report:
Birgit Beumers: Venice 2020: The Russians are coming… and they’re not alone

Issue 69: July 2020

Assiya Issemberdiyeva: Aleksei German’s Historical Representations of Realities of the War in Trial on the Road and Twenty Days Without War

Issue 68: April 2020

Festival Reports:
Birgit Beumers: The Russians in Berlin: Dens, Pits and Dumps

Issue 67: January 2020

Festival Reports:
Gulnara Abikeyeva: Documentary Didor (Dushanbe, October 2019)

Issue 66: October 2019

Sergei Anashkin: Men's Stories by Farkhat Sharipov

Irina Efimova: Russian Television Series: Recent Trends

Festival Reports:
Peter Hames: Thirty Years After: Karlovy Vary 2019
Gulbara Tolomushova: From Ufa with Love! IFF Silver Akbuzat 2019

Issue 65: July 2019

Yelena Severina: Costume Dramas of the Silent Era: Repurposing Tableaux Vivants

Festival Reports
Birgit Beumers: Documents and Debuts: goEast 2019 (Wiesbaden 10-16 April 2019)

Alyssa DeBlasio: Women Filmmakers Dominate the National Competition at the XV Sevastopol International Documentary Film Festival (12-18 May 2019)

Daria V. Ezerova: Kinotavr Turns Thirty: Surprises, Growing Pains, and Adulteries

Issue 64: April 2019

Olga Mukhortova: Renata’s Last Cigarette. Chain Smoking in Litvinova’s Rita’s Last Fairy-Tale

Special Feature:
Ilya Khrzhanovsky’s DAU Project, Paris 25 January–17 February 2019
Birgit Beumers: A1 (6-hour visa)
Robert Bird: M1 (unlimited visa) for 3-day visit
Eugénie Zvonkine: M1 (unlimited visa)

Issue 63: January 2019

Sergei Anashkin: A panorama of Russia’s ethnic cinema

Issue 62: October 2018

Xenia Leontyeva, Pavel Danilov: Employment issues in the Russian film industry

Festival Report
Peter Hames: Witnessing History: Karlovy Vary 2018

Issue 61: July 2018

Festival Report
Birgit Beumers: Watching Experiences: Kinotavr 2018

Issue 60: April 2018

John Hodgkins: Eisenstein as Ethnographer: Revisiting Imagery in Que Viva Mexico!

Issue 59: January 2018

Yuri Leving: Kuleshov’s By the Law as a (possible) source for Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. A Video Essay

Evgenii Margolit: The Metamorphosis of a Model: The Development of the Spy Film from the 1930s during the Early Thaw

Lilya Nemchenko: Short Films 2017: Homo Ludens, Memory, Oil and Milk

Anna Nieman: Interview with film editor Tat’iana Kuz’micheva

Issue 58: October 2017

Gal Kirn: Eisenstein, Vertov and Medvedkin: revolutionary “cinefication” and communist subjectivity

Festival Reports
Birgit Beumers: The Unlucky Number? Eurasia–13 (Astana, July 2017)

Issue 57: July 2017

Evgenii Margolit: The Soviet Program at the 1932 Venice Film Festival
Sardana Savvina: Cinema in Yakutia, or Sakha-Cinema

Festival Reports
Birgit Beumers: Native Cinema from the Arctic Circle
Vida Johnson: Kinotavr 28: Genre, Variety, Relevance

Special Feature
Valerii Fomin: Polka 2: Zapreshchennye fil'my [Forbidden Films] (1993)

Issue 56: April 2017

Claire Knight: Stalin’s Trophy Films, 1946-56: A Resource (revised and updated)

Special Feature
Valerii Fomin: Polka [Shelf] (1992)

Issue 55: January 2017

John MacKay: The Truth about Kino-Pravda, or Censorship as a Productive Force

Festival Report
Jeremy Hicks: Marina Razbezhkina: Five Interdictions and the Zone of the Snake (DOK Leipzig 2016)

Issue 54: October 2016

Connor Doak: The malen'kii chelovek in Almaty: Masculinity in Nariman Turebaev's Films & Interview with Nariman Turebaev

Festival Reports
Elena Markova: Desperately Searching for a Hero: New Russian Cinema at MIFF 2016

Issue 53: July 2016

Tarkovsky—Thirty Years after his Death
Alan Wright: The Rotten Sea: Andrei Tarkovsky in the Soviet Archive

Festival Reports
Daria Ezerova: The Cinematic Discomfort of Kinotavr 2016

Alyssa DeBlasio: New Russian Features at the 38th Moscow International Film Festival 2016

Issue 52: April 2016

Festival Reports
Lilya Nemchenko: "Belye Stolby" for the Twentieth Time

Issue 51: January 2016

Festival Reports
Elena Markova: ArtDocFest 2015: Sleepless in Russia

Issue 50: October 2015

Festival Reports
Birgit Beumers: Kyrgyzstan, a Country not only of Shorts (Arthouse Film Festival 10+)
Birgit Beumers: Phoenix, risen from the ashes: The majestic return of Eurasia IFF

Issue 49: July 2015

Festival Reports
Birgit Beumers: Kinotavr 2015: Fourteen Shades of Grey
Nancy Condee: The Russian Pavilion at Cannes 2015: Film Politics after Leviathan

Issue 48: April 2015

Claire Knight: Stalin’s Trophy Films, 1947-52: A Resource

Special Feature: Regional Cinematographies
Caroline Damiens: Cinema in Sakha (Yakutia) Republic: Renegotiating Film History
Sergey Dobrynin: New Buryat Cinema: Developments So Far and Challenges for the Future

Festival Reports
Anastasia Kostina: ArtDocFest 2014: Politics, Rural Hardships and Youth

Frederick H. White: Memories of Aleksei Balabanov
Birgit Beumers: The First Kalmyk Film: Interview with the model and actress Eugenia Mandzhieva and the filmmaker Ella Manzheeva (The Gulls)


Issue 47: January 2015

Jessica Knights: "Perceiving the Everyday in Victor Kossakovsky’s Hush!"

Festival Report: Gulnara Abikeyeva: "Didor: The Main Film Forum for Central Asian Cinema"

Festival Report:Mihaela Mihailova: "KROK 2014: Student Animation Makes Waves"

Interview: Frederick H. White. Interview with Ian Kelly (from Aleksei Balabanov’s War)


Issue 46: October 2014

Maya Turovskaya: “Hollywood in Moscow, or Soviet and American Cinema in the Thirties and Forties” (Translated by Richard Taylor)

Festival Report: Nancy Condee: “History in a Time of Premeditated Amnesia: The 25th Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival

Festival Report: Peter Hames: “Karlovy Vary 2014

Interview: Frederick H. White: Interview with Lisa Jeffrey (from Aleksei Balabanov’s Brother 2)

Issue 45: July 2014

Festival Report: Mihaela Mihailova: “Golden Kuker: More Animated than Ever

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: "Prize-less Suzdal" (19th Open Russian Animation Festival)

Interview: Birgit Beumers: "I don’t see myself as imposing a story..." Interview with Saodat Ismailova


Issue 44: April 2014

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: "Archival Findings in Belye Stolby 2014"

Miroslava Segida: "Some Statistics on Film Production and Distribution 2002-2012" (Segida-Info)


Issue 43: January 2014

Birgit Beumers: Folklore and New Russian Animation

Interview: Frederick H. White: Interview with Vsevolod Benigsen and Andrei Bogatyrev about Judas (2013)


Issue 42: October 2013

Polly McMichael: “The Singer at the Microphone: Voice, Body, Traces and the Re-creation of Vladimir Vysotskii”

Festival Report: Nancy Condee: Kinotavr 2013 (and Three Afterthoughts): Current Russian Cinema


Issue 41: July 2013

Phil Cavendish: "From 'Lost' to '“Found': The 'Rediscovery' of Sergei Eisenstein’s Glumov’s Diary and its avant-garde context"

Beach Gray: "Ivan Golovnev: The Taiga’s Activist Ethnographic Filmmaker"


Issue 40: April 2013

Anna Nieman: “A Picnic on the Road to the Temple” (Aleksei Balabanov’s Me Too in context)

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: "Animated Suzdal"

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: "Belye Stolby, in Color and 3D"


Issue 39: January 2013

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: "The Future is Short! “Kinotavr.Shorts” and “Kinoproba,” 2012"

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: "Didor Five: A Grand Week Out"


Issue 38: October 2012

Festival Report: Nancy Condee: Fifteen Realities of Russian Cinema: Kinotavr 2012

Maria Kondratova: The Greatness of the Small: Episodes and Supporting Roles in Soviet Cinema of the 1950s-1970s

Tat’iana Moskvina-Iatsenko: The Conflict of Life and Death in Russian New Wave Cinema (2010/11)


Issue 37: July 2012

Festival Report: Jeremy Hicks: “Lenfilm Lives On! The Charm and Curse of Continuity” (goEast (Wiesbaden, 18-24 April)

Festival Report: Sergei Kapterev, Nikolai Maiorov: “Belye Stolby 2012: Commemorations and Discoveries

Gul'bara Tolomushova: “Kyrgyzstan, Nation of Film Festivals


Issue 36: April 2012

Tatiana Mikhailova: "The Smoke of the Fatherland: Body as Territory, Sexuality as Identity in Silent Souls by Aleksei Fedorchenko"


Issue 35: January 2012

Festival Report: Tat’iana Kruglova and Liliia Nemchenko: "Kinoproba 2011—competition, study, memory"

Festival Report: Eugénie Zvonkine: "A Dynamic Kazakhstan: Eurasia 2011"

Interview: Svetlana Khokhriakova and Birgit Beumers: “Returning to the Roots of Humanity.” Interview with Igor’ Voloshin and Ol’ga Simonova


Issue 34: October 2011

Mihaela Mihailova: “I am Empty Space:” A Mermaid in Hyperreal Moscow

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers and Nancy Condee: Kinotavr 2011: Russian Cinema as a State of Mind

Festival Report: Julie Draskoczy: The Socialist Avant-Garde at the 33rd Moscow International Film Festival

Festival Report: Oskar Sandrock: The Present and Future of Animation: Suzdal 2011

Issue 33: July 2011

Rimgaila Salys: Infernal Energy. Revisioning the Stalin era

Issue 32: April 2011

Dina Khapaeva: From a Vampire’s Point of View

Festival Report: Sergei Kapterev and Birgit Beumers: Gosfilmofond celebrates: Belye Stolby 2011

Issue 31: January 2011

Anton Sidorenko: The Coma Continues: New Belarusian Cinema

Liliia Nemchenko: Signs of the Everyday in Post-Soviet Cinema

Interview: Birgit Beumers: Interview with Iurii Shiller: Between document and prose?

Interview: Birgit Beumers: Interview with Andrei Stempkovskii: The text is not important…

Issue 30: October 2010

Birgit Beumers: The Self and the Other in Recent Russian Cinema

Tat'iana Kruglova: An Artistic Diagnosis of Modern Russian Cinema: The Little Man vs. the Big Other

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: Kinotavr 2010: Migration and Isolation

Festival Report: Alyssa DeBlasio: Films for an Optimist: Saying “Yes” to Life at the 32nd Moscow IFF

Festival Report: Christina Stojanova: The New Vicissitudes of Auteur Cinema in Central and Eastern European Cinema: Karlovy Vary 2010

Festival Report: Gul'bara Tolomushova: The Sunset of a Patriarchal Era: Eurasia 2010

Issue 29: July 2010

Aliya Moldalieva: "Topical Reflections from Twenty Years Ago" (Ailanpa, 1989)

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: "Suzdal 2010. The Business of Animation"

Issue 28: April 2010

Mariya Y. Boston: "Speaking in Tongues: Poetic Language in Nikita Mikhalkov’s Burnt by the Sun"

Andrey Shcherbenok: "Asymmetric Warfare: The Vision of the Enemy in American and Soviet Cold War Cinemas"

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: " Restoring Images: Belye Stolby 2010"

Issue 27: January 2010

David MacFadyen: Cinematic Abuse as Self-Affirmation: Russian Video Mash-ups, Illegal Social Networking, and the Rise of Bekmambetov’s “Office Plankton”

Maria Vinogradova: Amateur Cinema in the Soviet Union and the Leningrad of Film Amateurs in the 1970s-1980s

Festival Report: Dar'ia Borisova: Kinoshok 2009: The Expiring Principle of Soviet Brotherhood

AAASS 2009 Roundtable on Young Kazakh Cinema

Issue 26: October 2009

Evgenii Margolit: “Monumental Sculptures in Soviet Cinema of the 1920s

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: “A Return to Folklore?—Suzdal 2009

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers, “Kinotavr 2009: The Victory of New Drama

Festival Report: Christina Stojanova: “Characters and Circumstances: Notes on the Competition Program of the 31st Moscow International Film Festival

Issue 25: July 2009

Festival Report: Kristina Matvienko: With a Cine-Eye through Russia: The Festival “Kinoteatr.doc” 2009

Irina Mel’nikova: (Re)presentation of The Metamorphosis: Valerii Fokin, Franz Kafka, René Magritte and the Issue of Cinematic Adaptation

Interview: Anton Sidarenka: Interview with Sergei Loznitsa. Conversations on Cinema: "A Master of Time"

Issue 24: April 2009

Nikolai Izvolov: Designed Sound in the USSR

Jane Knox-Voina: New ‘New’ Wave Filmmakers Welcome Their Audiences’ Discomfort: Kazakh and Kyrgyz Youth Films

Gulnara Abikeeva: Central Asian Documentary Films of the Soviet Era as a Factor in the Formation of National Identity

Festival Report: Gulbara Tolomushova: The Secret Sense of the Tashkent Messages

Issue 23: January 2009

Maria Belodubrovskaya: Understanding the Magic: Special Effects in Ladislas Starewitch's L'Horloge magique

Larisa Maliukova: The State of the Art: Russian Animation Today

Evgenii Margolit: The Image of Germans in Russian Cultural Space

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: New Voices and Old Images: Eurasia 2008

Festival Report: Gulbara Tolomushova: Dushanbe Flights to Googoosh's Songs: Didor 2008

Issue 22: October 2008

Festival Report, Moscow IFF: Klaus Eder: Moscow 2008: The Center of the Province

Festival Report, Moscow IFF: Nina Tsyrkun: "Forward to the Past, or: What kind of millennium has begun?" (on the Russian Program of the Moscow International Film Festival)

Festival Report, Kinotavr: Diliara Tasbulatova: "Kinotavr 19"
Aliya Moldalieva: "New Cinema in Kyrgyzstan"

Issue 21: July 2008

Pittsburgh Russian Film Symposium 2008 — The Ideological Occult: Russian Cinema under Putin:

Festival Report, Suzdal: Birgit Beumers: "The 13th Open Russian Animation Festival Suzdal" (2008)

Festival Report, Kinoteatr.doc: Dina Goder: "Kinoteatr.doc 2008: Some Notes on the Cuffs"

David MacFadyen: “The Presumed Threat of Digital Culture to Russian Cinema

Issue 20: April 2008

Tom Birchenough: The Koktebel Studio

Festival Report: Dar'ia Borisova: The Forum of National Cinematographies Played at Being a Film School

Festival Report, Rotterdam: Barbara Wurm: The International Film Festival Rotterdam — A Festival of Significance for Russian Cinema; In Focus: Svetlana Proskurina

Festival Report, Rotterdam: Birgit Beumers: Returning to the Roots: Central Asia in Rotterdam

Interview: Inna Smailova: Interview with Abai Kulbai: The Keeper of Eternal Values in Cinema

Issue 19: January 2008

Interview: Giulia Marcucci: Interview with Aleksandr Mindadze: From Scriptwriter to Director
Irina Shilova: Renata Litvinova: Actress and Persona

Festival Report, Kinostan: Michael Rouland: A Tour through Kinostan
Inna Smailova: Three Generations of Kazakh Cinematographers: Action - Reaction - Change of Reality

Festival Report, Eurasia: Eugénie Zvonkine: "On a Motorbike or on a Horse?": The IV Eurasia International Film Festival 2007

Issue 18: October 2007

Festival Report, Pacific Meridian: Tom Birchenough: "Vladivostok 2007": The lnternational Pacific Meridian Festival

Festival Report, Moscow IFF: Mihai Chirilov: "Phony Games: The Moscow International Film Festival 2007"

Festival Report, Zerkalo: Jeremy Hicks: “Reflections of Andrei Tarkovskii: The Zerkalo Festival and Conference

Festival Report, Moscow IFF: David MacFadyen: “Strike Up, Pipers! The Russian Program of the Moscow Film Festival, 2007

Festival Report, Kinotavr: Kirill Razlogov: "Kinotavr: Caught in the Crossfire"

Issue 17: July 2007

Melodrama and Kino-Ideology: Pittsburgh Russian Film Symposium Roundtable:

Festival Report, Kinoteatr: Kristina Matvienko: The Third Festival of Real Cinema: "Kinoteatr.doc" (2007)

Issue 16: April 2007

Jose Alaniz: Cinema without Barriers

Thomas Campbell: A Khakassian Sends a Postcard Home: The Strange Career of Evgenii "Debil" Kondrat'ev

David MacFadyen: Changing Notions of Realism in Primetime Russian TV

Stephen Norris: In the Gloom: The Political Lives of Undead Bodies in Timur Bekmambetov's Night Watch

Issue 15: January 2007

Peter Bagrov: Ermler, Stalin, and Animation: On the Film The Peasants (1934)

Festival Report, Eurasia: Birgit Beumers and Michael Rouland: Eurasia 2006: An International Festival?

Konstantine Klioutchkine: The Kamenskaia Television Series and the Conventions of Russian Television

Festival Report: Alena Solntseva: KINOTEATR.DOC: The First Three Years

Issue 14: October 2006

Festival Report, Moscow IFF: Svetlana Khokhriakova: Starless, Prize-less: The Moscow International Film Festival 2006

Festival Report:Adam Lowenstein: From the Tsars to the Stars: A Journey Through Russian Fantastik Cinema (Lincoln Center Program, August 2006)

Festival Report, Kinotavr: Elena Plakhova: Victims of Euphoria: The 17th Open Russian Film Festival (Kinotavr 2006)

Festival Report: Birgit Beumers: Cannes 2006: The Russian Presence

Issue 13: July 2006

Festival Report, Suzdal: Natalia Lukinykh: Inspired by the Oscar, Hardened by the Marketplace. On the Everydays and Holidays of Russian Animation. (Suzdal Animation Festival)

Festival Report, Kinoforum: Eugenie Zvonkine: The Tenth Forum for National Cinematographies of the CIS and the Baltic States (Kinoforum)
Aleksandr Deriabin: Judgment Day: Recreation and Stylization (On Ethics in Documentary Filmmaking and Other Matters)

Issue 12: April 2006

Festival Report, Eurasia: Bauyrzhan Nogerbek: "The Eurasia-2005 Film Festival: Ambitions and Realities"

Festival Report, Belye Stolby: Vladimir Padunov: Storing and Restoring History: Gosfil'mofond and the 10th Belye Stolby Archival Film Festival

Thomas Campbell: Five Theses About Timur Bekmambetov's Day Watch

Russian TV-Serials: AAASS Roundtable 2005: "Russian TV: Past Issues of Present Concern"

Issue 11: January 2006

José Alaniz: Moscow Conceptualism and the ArtKomiks of Gosha Ostretsov

Thomas H. Campbell: The Bioaesthetics of Evgenii Iufit

Seth Graham: Iusup Razykov and Contemporary Uzbek Cinema

Issue 10: October 2005

Festival Report, Kinoforum 2005: Elena Stishova: There's No Point Arguing with the Marketplace: The Ninth KinoForum

Festival Report, Kinotavr 2005:Aleksandr Shpagin: Newly Sprouting Seedlings in the Rustling Field of Domestic Cinema (Kinotavr 2005)

Festival Report, MIFF 2005:Diliara Tasbulatova: Study, Study, Study: The Grand Prize of the 27th Moscow International Film Festival Went to Aleksei Uchitel''s Dreaming of Space  

Issue 9: July 2005

Ian Christie: Iakov Protazanov: A Timely Case for Treatment

Konstantine Klioutchkine: "Fedor Mikhailovich Lucked Out with Vladimir Vladimirovich": The Idiot Television Series in the Context of Putin's Culture

Issue 8: April 2005

John MacKay:  The "Spinning Top" Takes Another Turn: Vertov Today

Petre Petrov:  The Freeze of Historicity in Thaw Cinema

Emma Widdis: Muratova's Clothes, Muratova's Textures, Muratova's Skin

David MacFadyen: Literature Has Left the Building: Russian Romance and Today 's TV Drama

Issue 7: January 2005

John MacKay: Disorganized Noise: Enthusiasm and the Ear of the Collective

KinoShock 2004: Gul'nara Abikeyeva: KinoShock: A Panorama of National Cinemas  

Issue 6: October 2004

"National Cinema": Pittsburgh Film Colloquium roundtable

Moscow IFF 2004: Susan Larsen: At the Intersection of Art, Commerce, and National Pride  

Issue 5:  July 2004

Kinoforum 2004: Vladimir Padunov: Imperial Acorn -→ National Oaks: The Eighth KinoForum.

Kinotavr 2004: Victor Matizen: Masses and Classes: Kinotavr 2004 .

Issue 4:  April 2004

Josephine Woll: Exorcising the Devil: Russian Cinema and Horror.

Issue 3:  January 2004

Festival Report: Vladimir Padunov: Stars Above Almaty: Kazakh Cinema Between 1998 and 2003.

Bauyrzhan Nogerbek: Demythologizing and Reconstructing National Space in the Kazakh "New Wave".

Issue 1:  July 2003

Festival Report, Kinotavr 2003:Nancy Condee and Vladimir Padunov: Subtropical Cinema: Kinotavr, Collective Heroes and Small Screens: The Fourteenth Annual Open Russian Film Festival (3-17 June 2003).

Festival Report, Moscow IFF 2003: Vladimir Padunov: Moscow's Silver Anniversary: XXV Moscow International Film Festival (20-29 June 2003).

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