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Seventh issue: January 2005


Special Feature: Dziga Vertov

John MacKay: Disorganized Noise: Enthusiasm and the Ear of the Collective

KinoShock 2004

Gul'nara Abikeyeva: KinoShock: A Panorama of National Cinemas 



Nancy Condee: The Tuner by Kira Muratova

Lucy Fischer: The Tycoon by  Pavel Lungin

Michelle Kuhn: Papa by Vladimir Mashkov

David MacFadyen: Shantytown Blues by Svetlana Stasenko

Neepa Majumdar: The River by Aleksei Balabanov 

Gerald McCausland: A Driver for Vera by Pavel Chukhrai

Alexander Prokhorov: The Book Stealers by Leonid Rybakov

Elena Prokhorova: Our Own  by Dmitrii Meskhiev



Articles appear in thematic-chronological order, reviews in alphabetical order by reviewer. A list of reviews by director and by film title is also available.