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Fifth issue: July 2004


Vladimir Padunov: Imperial Acorn → National Oaks: The Eighth KinoForum

Victor Matizen: Masses and Classes: Kinotavr 2004



Tony Anemone:  Down House  by Roman Kachanov

David MacFadyen: The Stroll by Aleksei Uchitel'

Elena Prokhorova: Antikiller by Egor Konchalovskii: 

Alexander Prokhorov: Antikiller 2 by Egor Konchalovskii  

Oleg Sulkin: 72 Metres by Vladimir Khotinenko 

Daniel H. Wild: The Bear's Kiss by Sergei Bodrov


Special Feature: Salo/Bacon -- short film:     



Articles appear in thematic-chronological order, reviews in alphabetical order by reviewer. A list of reviews by director and by film title is also available.