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Ninth issue: July 2005


Ian Christie: Iakov Protazanov: A Timely Case for Treatment

Konstantine Klioutchkine: Fedor Mikhailovich Lucked Out with Vladimir Vladimirovich: The Idiot Television Series in the Context of Putinís Culture


Fiona Bjorling: Disbelief by Andrei Nekrasov

Seth Graham: Flight by Egor Konchalovskii

David MacFadyen: Alesha Popovich by Konstantin Bronzit

Gerald McCausland: You I Love by Olga Stolpovskaia and Dmitrii Troitskii

Laura Pontieri-Hlavacek: Nutcracker by Tatiana Il'ina

Alexander Prokhorov: The Mother Wolf of Ves'egonsk by Nikolai Solovtsov

Elena Prokhorova: Mars by Anna Melikian

Michael Rouland: Village Authorities [Saratan] by Ernest Abdyzhaparov

Natalya Rulyova: Anti-Bimmer by Petr Buslov

Daniel H. Wild: Caucasian Roulette by Fedor Popov


Special Feature: LOCAL CHRONICLES -- short film:       


Articles appear in thematic-chronological order, reviews in alphabetical order by reviewer. A list of reviews by director and by film title is also available.