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Sixth issue: October 2004


"National Cinema": Pittsburgh Film Colloquium roundtable featuring: 

Nancy Condee: Imperial Ectoplasm

Marcia Landy: Frames or Frame Ups of National Cinema

Adam Lowenstein: David Cronenberg and the 'Face' of National Authorship

Moscow International Film Festival 2004: 

Susan Larsen: At the Intersection of Art, Commerce, and National Pride



Josť Alaniz: Chekhovian Motifs by Kira Muratova

David Gillespie: Bright is the Night by Roman Balaian

Seth Graham: Renaissance Island by Rustem Abdrashev

Adam Lowenstein: My Stepbrother Frankenstein by Valerii Todorovskii

David MacFadyen: Night Watch by Timur Bekmambetov

Irina Makoveeva: Life is Filled with Wonders by Petr Todorovskii:

Elena Monastireva-Ansdell: The Play of Butterflies by Andrei Proshkin

Elena Stishova: Harvest Time by Marina Razbezhkina



Articles appear in thematic-chronological order, reviews in alphabetical order by reviewer. A list of reviews by director and by film title is also available.