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Tenth issue: October 2005


Elena Stishova: There’s No Point Arguing with the Marketplace: The Ninth KinoForum

Aleksandr Shpagin: Newly Sprouting Seedlings in the Rustling Field of Domestic Cinema (Kinotavr 2005)

Diliara Tasbulatova: Study, Study, Study: The Grand Prize of the 27th Moscow International Film Festival Went to Aleksei Uchitel'’s Dreaming of Space  


Jose Alaniz: The Sun by Aleksandr Sokurov

Thomas Campbell: Bipedalism by Evgenii Iufit

Katerina Clark: Dreaming of Space by Aleksei Uchitel'

Nancy Condee: Long Farewell by Sergei Ursuliak

Alyssa DeBlasio: The Rascal by Tania Detkina

Mark Lipovetsky: 4 by Il'ia Khrzhanovskii

David MacFadyen: Countdown by Evgenii Lavrent'ev

Elena Prokhorova and Alexander Prokhorov: Turkish Gambit by Dzhanik Faiziev

Dawn Seckler: Dead Man's Bluff by Aleksei Balabanov

Natalia Sirivlia: 4 by Il'ia Khrzhanovskii

Christina Stojanova: Graveyard Shift by Valerii Rozhnov

Josephine Woll: Counselor of State by Filipp Iankovskii

Special Feature: DEAD MAN'S BLUFF -- trailer by Mikhail Leypunsky


Articles appear in thematic-chronological order, reviews in alphabetical order by reviewer. A list of reviews by director and by film title is also available.

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