Special Issue 16: Albanian Cinema (March 2016)

Editors: Ana Grgić, Lars Kristensen, Ridvan Peshkopia


Ana Grgić: The Archaeology of Memory: tracing Balkan(ist) fragments in Albert Kahn’s Albanie

Regina M. Longo: The Albanian Cinema Project: Saving and Projecting Albanian Film Heritage for Global Audiences

Bruce Williams: Chronicle of a Rift Reread: The Discourse of Nostalgia in Kujtim Çashku and Piro Milkani’s Face to Face

Konstantinos Giakoumis, Christopher Lockwood, and Trudy Anderson: The Making of the Socialist Martyr: Pjetër Llesh Doda and White Roads

Ridvan Peshkopia, Arben Imami, and Lars Kristensen: Constructing and Dismantling the New Man Utopia: The Cinematic Reflection of Albanian Communist and Post-communist Ontology

Julian Bejko: Albanian Cinema in Transition: A Comparative Analysis of Motion Pictures from the End of the Communist Era

Alison Reilly: The Following is a True Story: Fiction, Bunkerization and Cinema in Post-Socialist Albania



Sergei Iutkevich: The Great Albanian Warrior Skanderbeg (Velikii voin Albanii Skanderbeg, 1953) by Andrei Rogatchevski

Xhanfise Keko: Tomka and His Friends (Tomka dhe shokët e tij, 1977) by Konstanty Kuzma

Kujtim Çashku: The Warm Hand (Dora e ngrohte, 1983) by Iris Elezi

Fatmir Koci: Necrology (Nekrologji, 1994) by Thomas Logoreci

Gjergj Xhuvani: Slogans (Parullet, 2001) by Dina Iordanova

Iris Elezi and Thomas Logoreci: Bota (2014) by Ewa Mazierska

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