Special Issue 4: Czech Cinema (Nov. 2006)

Guest Editor: Peter Hames


Peter Hames: A Business Like Any Other
Jana Nahodilová: Family Matters
David Sorfa: The Object of Film in Jan Švankmajer
Alice Lovejoy: Center and Periphery
Christina Stojanova: Czech Dream: Capitalism with a Human Face
Christina Stojanova: Interview with Helena Třeštíková
Irena Kovarova: Czech Films in North America


David Sorfa: Dark Blue World and Riders in the Sky
Christina Stojanova: Buttoners
Jana Nahodilová: Bored in Brno
Zdena Škapová: Marriage Stories
Stanislava Přádná: Searching for Ester
Peter Hames: Toyen

The editor would like to thank the Czech Film Center, and personally Jana Černík, for their assistance with illustrations.

Whilst every effort has been made to trace the owners of the copyright for stills and obtain permission, in a few cases this has proved impossible. The issue's editor or KinoKultura would be grateful to hear from anyone with information which would enable us to do so.

Updated: 04 Nov 06