Special Issue 5: Bulgarian Cinema (Dec. 2006)

Guest Editor: Dina Iordanova (U of St Andrews)


Ron Holloway and Dina Iordanova: Hoping for a Bulgarian Film Revival

Bojidar Manov: Bulgarian Cinema Today: Seventeen Years of Transition

Velina Petrova: Monday 81/2, The Sequel: Who Owns Communist Cinematic Production in Post-Communist Bulgaria?

Violetta Petrova: Migrating Minds and Bodies: The Transnational Subject and the Cinematic Synecdoche of ‘Glocalisation’

Christina Stojanova: Ivan Nichev: The Storyteller



Iskra Bozhinova: Lady Zee
Yana Hashamova: Stolen Eyes
Yana Hashamova: Monkeys in Winter


Gareth Jones: The Optimists
Gergana Doncheva: Georgi and the Butterflies
Gergana Doncheva: Whose is This Song?
Velina Petrova: Copy Me, I Want to Travel

Whilst every effort has been made to trace the owners of the copyright for stills and obtain permission, in a few cases this has proved impossible. The issue's editor or KinoKultura would be grateful to hear from anyone with information which would enable us to do so.

Updated: 22 Nov 06